Alex Møberg


Alex Møberg


Project title:  Simulation of composite structures based on micro mechanical modelling

PhD student:  Alex Møberg

Project period: 01/09-2013 to 30/08-2016

Main Supervisor: Prof. Henrik Myhre Jensen

Co-Supervisor: Senior Assoc. Prof. Flemming Mortensen

Research section:  Mechanical Engineering


Project description:

The focus of this project is on the non-linear material model which can be used in calculations of fiber composite. The model has been derived analytically in 2D and has been implemented in the Abaqus finite element software package. The further work in this project will involve testing and implementing the model in the commercial finite element software Nastran/Marc to be able to efficiently analyse real structural components to final failure. Afterwards, the model will be generalised into a 3D model.


Once the model have been built in, it can be applied to study effects such as buckling including buckling-driven delamination, elastic spring back due to residual stresses etc.

ID: 55807594