Ida Sørensen

Ph.d.-stipendiat, Ph.d.-studerende

Ida Sørensen


PhD project title

Concentrating raw milk at the farm – keeping the high quality

University name

Aarhus University

Department name

Department of Food Science

Name and title of supervisor

Lars Wiking – associate professor at AU (main supervisor)

Lotte Bach Larsen – Professor at AU (co-supervisor)

Project term: DDMMYY – DDMMYY

01.10.14 - 31.03.17

Master’s degree

MSc in Dairy Science and Technology, Copenhagen University


Project background

By concentrating the raw milk at the dairy farms by membrane filtration (either ultra-filtration or reverse osmosis) it would be possible to save costs for transport and cooling, and reduce CO2 emission. The technology for performing this concentration is nearly in the pipeline, however the impact on the milk quality needs to be studied, and the milk quality secured before full implementation.



The aim of this project is to characterize the physical and chemical changes in milk derived from membrane filtration.


Main research

To measure the impact of membrane filtration by the milk fat globule size distribution, concentration of free fatty acids, level of proteolysis and bacterial growth.

Functional properties of the filtrated milk are evaluated by coagulation ability, powder quality, viscosity during storage and the ability to be separated into skim milk and cream. Further studies on protein degradation have to be conducted.   



Arla Foods Ingredients, Arla Stratetic Innovation, GEA and Kvægbrugets Forsøgscenter (DKC).


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