Mohammad Sadegh Mohammadi



Project title: Reliable Communication in Body Area Networks

PhD student: Mohammad Sadegh Mohammadi, Joint PhD programme with Macquerie University, Australia

Project period: 01/09-2013 to 28/02-2017


Assoc. Prof. Qi Zhang (Aarhus University, Aarhus Denmark)

Eryk Dutkiewicz (Macquarie University, Sydney Australia)

Research section: Electrical and Computer Engineering


Project description:

A Body Area Network (BAN) consists of multiple, tiny, low-power, intelligent, wearable or implanted sensor nodes which are radio-enabled and can communicate wirelessly. The sensor nodes can collect various important physiological data for diagnosis or fast emergency response, and deliver various personalised therapeutic, treatment-related applications and services. BAN is a new emerging technology that is used in areas such as health care, entertainment, games and sport science. It is expected to enhance the patient health care experience by providing independent living solutions for people that need constant health care. Furthermore, BAN can reduce the demand on the health care infrastructure and medical staff in the hospitals. Essentially, there is a unique combination of four major requirements in a realistic BAN:


  • Energy efficiency
  • Low complexity
  • Robustness against harsh fading conditions
  • Protection against interference and error


The aim of this project is firstly to investigate the characteristics of the typical BAN applications and the corresponding difficulties and limitations. The next step is to analyse these limitations to provide remedial solutions to achieve the performance requirements. The analysis is aimed to address both Physical (PHY) and Medium Access Control (MAC) layers.

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