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Hao Li
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Project title: Complex Ventilation and Micro-Environmental Control in Livestock Housing

Project period: 01/10-2013 to 30/09-2016

Main supervisor: Senior Researcher Guoqiang Zhang

Research section: Civil and Architectural Engineering

Project description
The aim of this project is to improve animal welfare and reduce environmental impact. A new concept for monitoring the thermal and airflow conditions in animal zones will be introduced. Furthermore, we will set up a dynamic predictive model to create a precision environment control strategy at individual animal or defined zone level.

Micro-complex ventilation involves integrating precision local ventilations in animal zones and near manure fouled floors or manure surfaces within the building ventilation. In order to gain knowledge about air motion and distribution in animal occupied zones, and about system effects on emission reduction, the project will investigate an integrated micro ventilation concept in livestock housing. Data will be gathered by using both Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations and full scale experiments. After the establishment of the system, optimisations are also needed.  Then, to validate the optimal system, varied techniques including local cross ventilation, heat exchange and passive earth-air heat/cooling will be investigated. The proposed system combines the advantages of natural, mechanical and displacement ventilation, making it a technology with great efficiency and potential.

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