Kun Zhou


Kun Zhou
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Project title: In-field coverage planning with multi-objective optimization in field operations

PhD student: Kun Zhou

Project period: 01/02-2012 to 31/01-2015

Main supervisor: Senior Researcher Allan Leck Jensen

Co-supervisor: Senior Researcher Dionysis Bochtis

Research section: Mechanical Engineering


Project description:

Most agricultural field operations, e.g. sowing, fertilising and harvesting, require a vehicle, e.g. a tractor with an implement, to drive in the field along a route such that the field area is completely covered. The farmer is interested in finding an optimal field coverage plan in order to minimise the time, distance or fuel spent, and at the same time minimises areas with missing or overlapping treatments. In farming operations, multiple operations have to be performed during the annual production of a crop and any one of these operations may have its own operational feature, e.g. working width, working speed, etc. In order to achieve the maximum field efficiency in the system, there is need to develop an approach for predicting the overall operational performance of all machines in a crop production system and the operational costs.


The overall aim of this research is to develop algorithms and models for optimised coverage planning supported by web-based applications. This aim involves three specific challenges: The first is to find the optimal route for the agricultural vehicles to cover the field with multiple obstacles, e.g. trees and wet area. The second challenge is to develop a model for simulating the machines’ activities, e.g. fertilising, spraying and transporting the grain. Farmers can then use the model as the decision-supporting tool. The third challenge is to develop a web-based coverage path planning system that can provide farmers with timely and helpful decisions ahead of the field operations.

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