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Christoffer Bjerremand Hansen


Christoffer Bjerremand Hansen
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High Friction and Water Repellent Polymer Coated Paper for Transportation and Secondary Food Packaging

Project description

The aim of this project is to get an enhanced knowledge of high-friction polymer coatings of paper, specifically in the areas of foods, water repellant properties and time-temperature dependencies. Both micro and macroscopic interactions of the various properties will be investigated to obtain a complete understanding of the tribological process (friction, adhesion, wear, etc.).

A series of scientific methods is to result in a model for tailor-made coating design solutions. The coatings are specifically designed for the transportation sector where various situations require easily applicable packaging with high friction and low adhesion. The coatings are not intended for direct food contact but rather as a secondary packaging layer.


Project period: Nov 2014 to Nov 2017

Main supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Mogens Hinge

Co-supervisor: Johnny Larsen, PAL-Cut A/S

Research section: Biological and Chemical Engineering


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