Dorte Marie Søndergaard

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Dorte Marie Søndergaard
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Professor in social psychology at the Department of Learning.

Head of the research project "eXbus: Exploring Bullying in School", (2007-2011).

Head of the research program for  Diversity and Learning (Forskningsprogram for Diversitet og Læring)


The research field of Dorte Marie Søndergaard is focused on the social and cultural constitution of identities, subject positions and socio-cultural categories. She is particularly interested in the implications of such processes for the inclusion in or exclusion from socio-cultural contexts and practices.

From 2007 Dorte Marie Søndergaard will head a collaborative interdisciplinary research project on peer bullying among school children. The project involves 7 researchers from psychology, philosophy, ethnography, statistics and law. Her own focus in the project will be on children, social exclusions, subjectification processes and child interactions with meaning making processes in electronic games, movies and other media products.

Dorte Marie Søndergaard has been inspired by cultural psychology and poststructuralist theory. Her analytic ambitions are closely connected to empirical work, and she has contributed to important progress in relation to the re-workings of poststructuralist philosophy into empirically useful analytics and methodologies. Dorte Marie Søndergaards research and publications has focused on the construction of gender as it saturates professional, social and romantic subject positions among young adults

  • gender and power relations among academic staff in the humanities and social science departments at Danish universities, with particular focus on constructions of "scientificity", "politics" and "gender"
  • diversity management in the private sector: studies of processes that hamper or promote gender diversity in the financial sector and in the telecommunication sector
  • the neoliberal turn in academic institutions
  • the development of transgressive and critical methodologies

The theoretical and methodological framework of her research draws on concepts such as subjectification, intersectionality, subject positioning, socio-cultural categories, meaning-making processes, negotiation of normativities and identities, gender constitution, discourse theory, cultural analysis and science and technology studies.


Teaching areas

Director of Doctoral Program of Culture, Diversity and Education (DocCDE).

PhD supervisor for a number of PhD students at the Department of Educational Psychology, The Danish University of Education.

Teach graduate courses in methodology, theories of subjectification, intersectionality and gender studies at PhD educations in Denmark, and in The Nordic Research School of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies.

Teach undergraduate courses in methodology, theories of subjectification, intersectionality etc. at The Danish University of Education

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