Hongqing Yao


Hongqing Yao


I am a PhD student in Department of Biosystems Engineering, 2011: Dept. of Engineering.


Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes for Treatment of Air from Livestock Buildings and Industrial Facilities


The purposes of the project is reducing the odorous compounds from livestock buildings and industrial facilities by advanced oxidation processes (AOPs). The main AOPs which will be estimated include UV/TiO2, O3/OH- scrubbers, O3/H2O2 scrubbers and catalytic scrubbers based on Fenton’s reagent (FeII/H2O2).


Yao, H. Q., H. L. Choi, J. H. Lee, A.Suresh and K. Zhu. Effect of microclimate on particulate matter, airborne bacteria and odorous compounds in swine nursery houses. Journal of Animal Science. 88: 3707-3714.

Yao, H. Q., H. L. Choi and K. Zhu. Key volatile organic compounds emitted from swine nursery house. Submitted to Atmospheric Environment. 45: 2577-2584.

ID: 36452228