Kamran Saleem


Kamran Saleem


Title: Phenotyping for rust resistance in wheat

Rust disease of wheat is a major bottleneck in attaining optimum yield and among three types of rust, yellow rust is most prevalent and nitrous one in Europe. The overall aim of this project is to improve wheat productivity through improve phenotyping for yellow rust resistance. So phenotyping of different resistance sources (R gene or QTLs) for yellow rust in wheat at macroscopic (Glasshouse) and microscopic (histopathology) level will be executed for better understanding of resistance. Furthermore wheat as host against different rust species will be carried out to elucidate the range of phenotypic responses in wheat against rust pathogens of phylogenetically distinct origin. After better understanding of resistance phenotype in wheat as host and non-host, MULTIRES project material i.e. donor lines, parental lines, breeding lines and proposed cultivars will be accessed through improved inoculation techniques against yellow and leaf rust. New phenotyping methods using microscopy will be applied on new multi-resistant wheat lines emerging from project in order to assess and evaluate resistance mechanisms and expected durability of identified resistance.

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