Ahmed Aly


Ahmed Aly


I am an engineer with a mix of academic and professional experience in electrical and energy engineering. My professional experience started with electrical designing at built-environment consultancies based in Egypt, then joining research centres and companies in Germany focusing on renewable energy technologies. I hold MSc degree in Energy Engineering from TU-Berlin, my MSc thesis [conducted at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)] was about the integration of renewables.

Billions of our fellow humans don’t have access to clean energy. Today, one in five people still don’t have access to electricity. I believe that a global sustainable energy future could not be attained ignoring this reality. Most of the people without access to electricity are living on land endowed with abundant natural (renewable) resources to generate electricity. I joined the Department of Environmental Science at Aarhus University on December 2015 as a PhD fellow working under supervision of Steen Solvang Jensen (main supervisor) and Anders Branth Pedersen (co-supervisor). My PhD research focuses on the potential of large-scale solar power (Concentrated Solar Power and Photovoltaics) in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a case study on Tanzania. The project covers three main objectives:

  • Developing suitability maps for CSP and large-scale PV in Tanzania through GIS Multicriteria Decision Making analysis

  • Technology assessment for CSP and large-scale PV in Tanzania through techno-economic analysis

  • Proposing a policy mechanism to promote large-scale solar power in Tanzania

After my PhD, I am eager to work on the Energy-Water-Food nexus, as I think an integrated approach is required to tackle such strategic challenges rather than the conventional linear model. I see multidisciplinary work on such synergies is the way to realize genuine sustainable solutions.

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