Sebastian Mohr

ph.d., mag.art., Adjunkt

Sebastian Mohr


I am an ethnographer of gender, sexuality, and intimacy. My work is motivated by an interest in gender, sexuality, and intimacy and their socializing and pedagogical dimensions. I am interested in how we become subjects with a sense of self, identity, and belonging and what role the pedagogies of gender, sexuality, and intimacy play thereby. Ethnographically, I am attending to this dynamic by exploring how the everyday life of gender, sexuality, and intimacy provides meaning to us and our sense of self and belonging – as (embodied) experience and (technological) practice and not least as a network of knowledge categories which interact with and organize social institutions and moral landscapes. I have a special interest in the teaching and pedagogy of ethnography and ethnography’s epistemological, methodological, and ethical underpinnings.

I am trained as cultural anthropologist and sociologist at Humboldt University, Berlin (2010) and received my PhD from the University of Copenhagen in Medicine, Culture, and Society (2014). My graduate research at Humboldt was dedicated to sexuality as a category of knowledge in sexological research on homosexuality in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). My doctoral research at the University of Copenhagen attended to sperm donation in Denmark and gender, sexuality, and intimacy as bio-medically mediated spaces of self. My current research project "Militarizing Intimacy: Danish Veterans' Experiences of Nearness" attends to Danish veterans' experiences of intimacy and how those interplay with the pedagogical dimensions of military socialization.

As an ethnographer of gender, sexuality, and intimacy my empirical work builds on ethnographic fieldwork – participant observation, qualitative interviews, sensory ethnography, visual ethnography – and is inspired by critical engagements within sociology and anthropology, science and technology studies, feminism, cultural studies, and queer theory.

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