Kennet Olesen


Kennet Olesen


Project title: Liquid/liquid mixing of high viscous fluids

PhD student: Kennet Olesen

Project period: 01/06-2013 to 31/05-2016

Main supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Bo Gervang

Co-supervisor: Prof. Henrik Myhre Jensen and Marc Gerritsma

Research section: Mechanical Engineering


Project description:

GEA-Liquid in Skanderborg, Denmark, is developing liquid/liquid mixing equipment for the dairy, food and pharmaceutical industry. To further develop and optimise their mixing processing equipment, it is mandatory to obtain a better understanding of the dynamics of mixing. A common mixing situation at GEA-Liquid involves two or more immiscible fluids such as water and oil. To form a stable, homogeneous emulsion, large shear forces are required which a high-shear mixer can produce.


Solution of momentum equations for complex liquids in complex geometries requires use of advanced numerical methods. A system of partial differential equations is the basis for the mathematical model used to describe the motion of fluids. Different discretisation techniques, such as finite difference, finite volume, and finite element methods have been developed to reduce the differential equations to an algebraic system. Although the mentioned discretisation methods are being used to solve flow problems, they suffer from inferior convergence rates compared to high order discretisation methods such as spectral element methods. It is therefore desirable to further develop spectral methods to obtain detailed information about flow processing in complex geometries for complex fluids.


The aim of the project is to develop an in-house CFD code based on spectral discretisation techniques with an emphasis on a stable description of the in-stationary formulation. The application will be used to characterise and extract detailed information about the flow field of the high shear mixer from GEA with the objective of optimising their design with respect to energy consumption.

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