Rasmus Høst Pedersen


Rasmus Høst Pedersen


Project title: Practical methods for collaborating between private consumers and energy companies
Sustainable replication of green district heating projects
Main supervisor: Gorm Bruun Andresen
Co-supervisor(s): Adam Brun (AffaldVarme Aarhus), Steffen Petersen
Project period: 2015-2019

Project description
AffaldVarme Aarhus (AVA) is one of the largest district heating companies in Denmark. About 95% of the 325.000 inhabitants in Aarhus municipality receive heat from AVA, including a large number of private companies and large industries. In total 53.000 consumers are installed on a network of around 2.000 km of pipes.

In this project, large-scale demonstrations from the smart city project READY are used to identify business models that will give a positive case for all stakeholders and allow unsubsidized replication. Experience show that these must be found at the interface between engineering, economics and anthropology, as non-economical incentives can play an important role.

As an example, areas in Aarhus where low temperature district heating is most easily adapted will be identified based on both technical and social indicators. In these areas, some costumers will need to reduce their heat consumption by investing in building retrofit solutions. This gives rise to  some different options: Either a positive business case directly via savings on the energy bill or other positive incentives such as improved indoor climate, more attractive architectural appearance, or other soft forms of motivation are needed.

External partners/project that the PhD is part of
Industrial PhD with AffaldVarme Aarhus
The project is part of the EU funded READY project (WP3).


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