Mette Birch Kristensen


Mette Birch Kristensen



Project title: Synthesis and characterization of nano-porous perfluorinated membranes

Project description
One of the big topics these years concerns the transition from a fossil fuel based society to a society that will rely mainly (if not completely) on renewable energy resources. Many proposals on different scales (from household to whole of Europe) and with different perspective (storage, conversion, new materials, grid etc.) are being investigated and discussed in both academia, industry and on a political level in order to find good and responsible solutions. Renewable energy resources as biogas, wind- and solar power are well known technologies that are already implemented into society today. One of the big challenges is how this energy resource can be used in the best possible way at the time and place where it is needed. This angle to the whole energy problem is the focus area of the research in the Membrane Technology group.

In this specific project the main focus will be on synthesis of polymeric membranes for use in biogas plants with the goal to separate the different gases. The main goal will be to separate CH4, CO2 and H2. The objective is to synthesis membranes with high selectivity ratios, high permeability, good stability and good chemical resistance. Depending on the driving force for the separation different types of membranes should be synthesised. Polymeric ion conductive membranes are one option which can be used in electrokinetic processes and another option is polymeric membranes with inorganic or metal organic frameworks. For the characterization of the last type of membranes a gas permeability setup will be built as part of this project.  



My supervisor is associate professor Anders Bentien and his group conducts research in the areas of membrane science and sensor technology.

Areas of work:

-          Synthesis of ion exchange membrane (especially perfluorinated membranes)

-          Characterization of membrane properties

-          Development of equipment and methods for characterization  

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