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Sasja Emilie Mathiasen Stopa


Sasja Emilie Mathiasen Stopa
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Soli deo honor et gloria - a study of honour and glory in the theology of Martin Luther
The concept of honour has left its footprints throughout the works of Martin Luther. The project aspires to explore this concept through an examination of its influence on Luther’s understanding of the relationship between God and man, as expressed in the doctrine of justification, and on the Lutheran comprehension of life in the earthly realm.
The aim of the project is to allow the concept analysis to function as a prism through which new aspects of Luther’s theology refract. The historical investigation of Luther’s age constitutes important background information, but the overall aim of the project lies within systematic theology. Accordingly, the main focus is firstly on the concept of honour in Luther’s own work and secondly on the influence of the Lutheran concept on the view on honour in the history of ideas reaching into modernity. The project seeks to examine whether the Lutheran texts indicate the later development in the history of ideas entailing a shift in the concept of honour towards a concept of recognition. Against this background, the project seeks to discuss in what form a concept of honour can be assigned a role in contemporary Lutheran theology. 



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