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Patrik Fauser
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My field of expertise is emission and fate modelling of chemicals in the environment with the overall purpose to assess the risk towards humans and the environment. Basically the modelling is done on data generated from chemical analysis of environmental samples (air, water and soil) and on data from the scientific literature. I have published scientific papers on, e.g. - carcinogens in air in the Nordic countries, - air emission modelling of Volatile Organic Compounds in Europe based on EU risk assessment reports, - the fate of the softener DEHP in Roskilde fjord, - sorption properties of arsenicals in sediments in the Baltic Sea, - occurrence and risk of carcinogens in air in Gibraltar, - pesticide concentrations in drainage dominated catchments, - risk of PAHs in soils, - fate and risk of chemical warfare agents in the Baltic Sea, - fate and risk of conventional munitions in the Caribbean island Vieques, - airborne particles from traffic, - solvent emissions from industry and household use, - uncertainties in emission inventories, - modelling of phthalates, nonylphenols LAS removal in wastewater treatment plant and - PFOS in biota. I have developed the fate part of EU monographies and risk assessment reports (Annex B – guidelines and criteria for evaluation of Dossiers, rev. 7, volume 1 and 3) for diuron, haloxyfop og dichlorprop. I am furthermore responsible for the Danish national emission inventory of non-methane volatile organic hydrocarbons (NMVOC) emissions to air from solvent and other product use in industries and households.

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