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Sampson Anankanbil
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Title: Biosynthesis and functional characterization of novel emulsifiers for high omega-3 delivery emulsions
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Zheng Guo
Co-supervisor: Bianca Pérez de Lucani
Project period: 15th November, 2015 to 15th November, 2018

Project description
There is an increasing interest in the enrichment of food products with omega-3 fatty acids as a result of beneficial health effects of consuming these fatty acids. However, due to their polyunsaturated nature, omega-3 fatty acids are inherently prompt to oxidation in the presence of oxygen, metal ions and free radicals which limits their applications for food fortification. To increase oxidative stability of omega-3 fatty acids, current strategies consist on the generation of delivery systems such as emulsions loaded with high omega-3 fatty acids. So far the use of milk proteins as emulsifiers for the stabilization of omega-3 fatty acids has proved to be a valuable method. However, mixtures of macromolecule stabilizer (e.g. polymer) and surfactants which can ensure a high oxidative stability and low viscosity of high omega-3 fatty acids delivery emulsions has not been reported.

The aim of this project is to investigate polymer-surfactant interactions intensively using experimental and in silico approaches to synthesize multifunctional emulsifiers that confer high oxidative stability and low viscosity to omega-3 fatty acids in emulsions (containing 70% omega-3 oil). Polymers such as proteins and polysaccharides from natural sources will be screened, whereas novel surfactants will be designed and synthesized based on the structure-activity relationships of commercial emulsifiers.

External partners/project that the PhD is part of
This PhD work, which is part of a bigger project [Mapping and Characterizing Lipid Oxidation in emulsions (MAPOX)]’ with overall management at DTU, shall be carried out at Aarhus University (AU) in collaboration with i) a PhD student at the National Food Institute, DTU, who shall test the synthesized emulsifiers in real food systems; ii) a Postdoctoral researcher from the AU-Department of Chemistry who shall monitor the progress of lipid oxidation in systems containing the new emulsifiers; and scientific researchers from Dupont Nutrition and Health and In-Omega-3 Company, Denmark.


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