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Value-Added Products from Lignin

Project description

Lignin is an important constituent of all biomass amounting to 15-30 wt% or up to 40% by energy. To render biorefining processes attractive, it is important to get a higher value out of this stream. Project 6 will apply an integrated conversion and refining approach, aiming at developing sustainable processes for value-added products such as phenolic binders, guaiacol, other phenols and methanol.

This project will focus on pilot-scale conversion of different waste products with a high content of lignin in sub and supercritical conditions (~300 bar, 350-450 oC). The pilot plant is currently under construction and will start commissioning in the beginning of 2015 in Foulum.

The main goals are to gain knowledge on the conversion process going on in the extreme conditions and develop products to be used in industrial processes, specifically binders used in mineral wool processes.


Project period: Nov 2014 to Oct 2017

Main supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Ib Johannsen

Co-supervisor: Erling Hansen

Research section: Biological and Chemical Engineering

ID: 79736796