Lone Hymøller


Lone Hymøller
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My main research interests are physiology and nutrition of cattle in which I hold a Ph.D. degree. I have worked with many different aspects of ruminant digestion, but my Ph.D. thesis carried the title: Vitamin D status and supply in organic dairy cattle. During the Ph.D. project I have, in close corporation with project supervisors and companies delivering analytical equipment, participated in developing analytical methods for fast and reliable determination of vitamin D status in plasma. Analytical methods utilised for determining the effects of natural and synthetic sources of vitamin D in dairy production. The Ph.D. thesis was followed by Post Doc work dealing with effects of sunlight on the vitamin D status of dairy cows, which contributed with new and unforeseen knowledge about the endogenous synthesis of vitamin D in the skin of cattle. I have recently returned to working with ruminant digestion and the properties of different roughages with respect to degradation of nutrients in the ruminant gastro intestinal tract.

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