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Alejandra Zaragoza Scherman


Alejandra Zaragoza Scherman


Given name: Alejandra

Family name: Zaragoza Scherman


Alejandra Zaragoza Scherman is a senior researcher at the Center on Autobiographical Memory Research (CON AMORE) at the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at Aarhus University. She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology from Aarhus University (Denmark) in 2014, her M.A. in Psychology from the University of Manitoba (Canada) in 2010, and her bachelor undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Guadalajara (Mexico), in 2004.


Current Research Interests

My main research interests include how individuals remember their lives across the lifespan and in different age groups and cultures; in particular, I am interested in investigating how individuals remember highly emotional negative and positive autobiographical memories from different lifetime periods.

I am also interested in the reminiscence bump, cultural life script theory, and centrality of event and how the centrality of a life event to someone's life story and identity relates to psychological functioning and mental health.

Previous Research Projects

I evaluated a staff training package that combined the use of an online computer-assisted personalized system of instruction (CAPSI) and a self-instructional manual to teach individuals how to perform discrete-trial teaching (DTT) with children with autism spectrum disorders.

I have also been involved in the experimental investigation of cooperation, competition, and learning.

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