Ingeborg Frøsig Pedersen


Ingeborg Frøsig Pedersen


Project title: Improving phosphorus-use efficiency in manure in maize production

Project description:

Phosphorus is a non-renewable resource and is essential for crop and food production. At the same time a large amount of phosphorus in organic form is present in the soil, but is not immediately available for the plants. 

Especially maize plants benefit from access to available phosphorus in their early growth stages. Generally maize is grown at livestock farms with an excess of phosphorus in the supplied manure. Despite this excess, it is necessary to use inorganic fertilizer as a starter fertilizer. The question is how to improve the phosphorus-use efficiency in manure making phosphorus immediately available for maize seedlings, and hereby increasing the agricultural sustainability in maize production.   


The project aims to clarify the factors that are crucial to the availability of manure phosphorus and to clarify interactions between soil properties, manure phosphorus and maize plants, and hereby improve the efficiency of manure phosphorus transforming manure phosphorus into a sustainable phosphorus source in maize production. In this way a strategic use of manure phosphorus is achievable, and the improved utilization of manure phosphorus will lead to cost savings of inorganic fertilizer, increased yield and reduced risk of phosphorus losses.

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