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Rasmus Elbæk Hedegaard
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Development of retrofit solutions for utilization of the smart grid potential in existing one-family dwellings

Hovedvejleder: Lektor Steffen Petersen
Projektperiode: August 2015 til Juli 2018


The Danish Government has issued that by 2050 the total energy production in Denmark entirely based on renewable energy sources. Renewable energy production introduces a range of new challenges in relation to ensuring both grid stability and energy security.

To address these issues, research in smart energy technology has been on a steady incline throughout recent years. A smart energy system is by definition an energy distribution system that is able to take information about consumption and production rates into account, but also to distribute such information between energy system actors to increase energy efficiency and security.

This PhD project aims at investigating the potential of introducing smart energy technology in existing one-family dwellings, before and after a retrofit has been carried out. The work is intended to identify the economically viable balance between investments in energy savings and smart energy management during a building retrofit.

External partners/project that the PhD is part of:
READY - Resource efficient cities implementing advanced smart city solutions

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