Tina Skau Nielsen


Tina Skau Nielsen
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My background is in animal science with special interest in how the content of bioactives in cow´s milk (fatty acids and plant estrogens) is affected by feed composition and how these bioactives affect consumer health primarily breast cancer studied in model systems.

In my PhD, focus was on the effects of milk estrogens of plant or endogenous origin on breast cancer studied both in in vitro systems and in rodent models of human breast cancer. The interest in screening the biological effects of milk estrogens is ongoing.

Currently I am affiliated the ButCoIns project as a post doc, where the objective is to improve gut health, peripheral insulin sensitivity and glucose homeostasis by increased colonic butyrate production brought about by pre-, pro- and synbiotic concepts. My role is associated with in vitro studies using mainly intestinal cells and in testing prebiotic effects on colonic health parameters under in vivo conditions in pig models.

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