Pernille Kasper

Postdoc, Ph.d.-studerende


Title: Volatile Sulfur Compounds from Livestock- and Biogas- Production: Emission Control by Dissolved Iron Catalysts and Impact of Odor Removal Assessment.

Name: Pernille Kasper

Period: 1/4 2014 to 1/4 2017

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Anders Feilberg

Co-supervisor: Post doc Michael Jørgen Hansen

Project description:

Emissions of odorous compounds from livestock- and biogas- production cause nuisance in the vicinity of the production sites and limit the development of these industries in populated areas. Part of the project is focused on abatement of these emissions with emphasis on reduced sulfur compounds, which are identified as key odorants. Desulphurization with chelated iron is a well-known and proven technology in the natural gas and oil refining industries. The focus of this work is to evaluate and optimize this process for deodorization purposes. In order to make sure that the air cleaning technique has a significant and measurable impact on perceived odor, a part of the project is focused on odor measuring and sampling techniques. Currently, common practice is to store odor samples in bags and quantify them by olfactometry with human panelists. However, due to their volatile and reactive nature, many of these compounds are lost during sampling and, hence, the results of this method may become misrepresentative. To ensure the validity and scientific credibility of odor measurements and evaluations of abatement methods, these losses are investigated and the technique is sought improved through direct measurement of odorous compounds with Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry.

External partners/project that the PhD is part of: SKOV, Danish Pig Research Centre, Force Technology, Odournet Gmbh


ID: 73650346