Kjeld Laursen


Kjeld Laursen
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I originally started my career in electronics in the assembly and production company BB Electronics A/S as an apprentice in the test-department, where I got my first real taste of electronics.

Later I joined Siemens A/S Flow Instruments, now as a technician, in their R&D department where I assisted in developing new electronic prototypes and thoroughly tested them, and later oversaw and managed the assembly of the first complete prototypes including HW, SW and mechanical parts.

Eventually I sought new challenges and thus enrolled in the engineering programs here at Aarhus University, once again focusing on electronics, particularly low-power analogue designs.

Today this focus has shifted towards researching ultra-low-power designs powered not by batteries, but by harvesting energy from the local environment for example like temperature differences, solar-power, radio waves, or even mechanical vibrations.

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