Martin Peter Christiansen


Martin Peter Christiansen


Project title: Modelling, Simulation and Evaluation of Autonomous Agricultural Vehicle Guidance.

PhD student: Martin Peter Christiansen

Project period: 01/09-2011 to 01/06-2015

Main supervisor: Senior Researcher Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen

Co-supervisor: Prof. Peter Gorm Larsen and Senior Researcher Ole Green

Research section: Electrical and Computer Engineering


Project Description:

This PhD project deals with the challenges faced when designing and deploying an autonomous vehicle guidance system in the agricultural domain. Automatic guidance systems for agricultural machines (auto-steering systems) employ sensory input from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and/or other localisation systems. The auto-steering systems can increase efficiency in terms of reduced overlap, less operational time and fuel.


Before an auto-steering solution can be operational on a given vehicle, it is necessary to calibrate several (control) parameters of the auto steering system. These calibration parameters are dependent on the technical performance of the vehicle. We believe that better control parameters could be selected by utilising a simulated model of an agricultural machine. The simulated model will be able to execute and evaluate multiple candidate solutions using optimisation and search algorithms. The conjecture is that modelling and simulation would be less costly than selecting parameters and try to manually fine-tune an auto-steering system.

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