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Jens Linderoth
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The knowing and the knower in Johannes Aagaard and early Martin Heidegger – Investigations in the dynamics of an epistemic self between theology and philosophy

In a reading of material from the early Martin Heidegger and the Danish theologian and 'missiologist' Johannes Monrad Aagaard, I hope to indicate a phenomenon of an epistemic self situated as undecided in a twilight between Christian faith and Christian atheism through a ‘Heideggerian’ interpretation of the material. In good hermeneutical manner I will concurrently and ’equiprimordally’ seek to intensify the understanding of the written material through the light thrown back from the phenomenon and vice versa. There are three interrelated hermeneutical quests in this dissertation: 1) A phenomenological explication of the epistemic self. 2) A substantiated understanding of Aagaard gained from this perspective. 3) A substantiated understanding of Heidegger focusing on a short distinct period (1919-1921) gained from the same perspective.

The pursuit of these three interrelated quests requires some preliminary work however: Explication of a pre-understanding of the epistemic self phenomenon, substantiated localization and delimitation of the source material, and methodical reflections.

The material will be organized in eight chapters: 1) Introduction, 2) Material, 3) Method, 4) Aagaard, 5) Heidegger, 6) Interlude: What is an epistemic self after Heidegger and Aagaard,7) Actualization and 8) Conclusion – epistemic self at the end?

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