Simon Elsborg Nygaard

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Simon Elsborg Nygaard
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  • Mennesker og kulturer > Psykologi > Socialpsykologi Trivsel, livskvalitet, subjektiv well-being, økologisk bæredygtighed, økologisk bæredygtig adfærd, klima, miljø, ressourceforbrug, forbrugskultur, materialisme, alternativ livsstil, bæredygtig livsstil, psykologiske værdier, identitet, integrativ teori og praksis a la Wilber, Esbjörn-Hargens, Tønnesvang, teori-praksis-udvikling
  • Mennesker og kulturer > Psykologi > Pædagogisk psykologi Forandringsprocesser, læring, omstilling, borgerinddragelse


The aim of my work is to understand and develop ecologically sustainable wellbeing.
That is, to facilitate sustainable living and behaviour while at the same time promoting or supporting individual wellbeing.

I work with this in relation to organisations and communities and with invididual leaders and citizens. 

As valid knowledge about human behaviour, mindsets and emotions are central to developing sustainable wellbeing, my point of departure is scientific, psychological and human centered.

I prefer working in teams within an integrative framework. That is, I prefer working with multiple methods, and I prefer uniting different theoretical, empirical and practical approaches in development of sustainable wellbeing.

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