Dario Caro


Dario Caro


My research focuses on the use of sustainability indicators and their application in regional systems (macro and micro scale), with a specific focus on livestock and waste sector. In particular, I studied and investigated the application of IPCC guidelines, developing greenhouse gas inventories at global, national and local scale. I have a master in chemistry with an environmental specialization, followed by a Ph.D. with the title “The relevance of a different emissions allocation method in national GHG inventories: toward a consumer perspective”. I have collaborated with research  artners such as government agencies and academic institutions. Moreover, starting from traditional IPCC emission inventories, I focused on alternative methods to allocate responsibility of greenhouse gas emissions in international trade. I spent six months at Carnegie institution of Science at Department of global ecology in Stanford (California) dealing with the embodied emission in trade, comparing production- (IPCC inventory) with consumption-based accounting (input-output analysis or Life Cycle Assessment) My two post doc’s concerns (i) Ecosystem services and CO2 emissions evaluation due to micro-algae production aimed to biofuel production, at University of Siena, and (ii) Quantification of the potential global methane emission reduction by using several technologies, at University of California. Currently I am a tenure track researcher in the Department of Environmental Sciences at the Aarhus University. The main tasks lie in research and research-based public sector. In addition, teaching to some extent in the environmental sciences

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