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Patrick Denis Browne


Patrick Denis Browne


I am an environmental microbiologist, widely interested in the various roles of natural microbial communities, especially for microbial processes with relevance to sustainability. My research focuses on understanding the roles gene flow dynamics in the adaptations of microorganisms to different environments. I am also interested in how optimisations to primary metabolism confer adaptation to different environments and how such alterations in primary metabolism can impact on a microorganism's ecological functions. I routinely use various bioinformatic methods, comparative genomics methods, transcriptomics approaches and classical microbiology techniques in tandem. I am currently investigating the genomics of Fusobacteria spp. in the intestinal tracts of vultures, trying to get insights into how these bacteria may help their hosts to digest putrid meat. Previously, I have investigated the potential exploitation of Pseudomonas spp. as phosphate biofertilisers in agriculture and I have also investigated the adaptations of methanogens to contrasting environments, with special emphasis on peatlands with low pH

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