Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen


Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen


I am a GIScientist and my PhD study aims to develop spatial models and remote sensing methodology, in order to solve problems interfacing climate change and urban environment. Urban form is one of a research hotspot under the topic of resilience to climage change. Particularly, I have interest in exploring the unsolicited climate-resilient effects, from the daily commuting pattern, bottom-up economic activity, and building construction. Working with my supervisor Prof. Clive Sabel, my PhD is part of EU funded Horizon2020 project ICARUS, an interdisciplinary research project which is developing innovative tools to support climate change governance and urban regeneration at cities in the EU. With my working experience in Taiwan, I look forward to extending the project's potential influence to Southeast Asia which has a different socio-cultural context from Europe.

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