Lise Kjær Andersen


Lise Kjær Andersen


Project title: Strength of confined concrete - applying theory of plasticity including sub-macroscopic composite structure of concrete

Main supervisor:  Professor (Docent) Lars German Hagsten

Co-supervisor: Professor Rune Brincker

Project period: 01.10.2014 - 30.09.2017


Project description

Confinement is known to significantly improve the compressive strength and ductility of concrete; two properties which are highly desirable to exploit in practical designs. The main issue, in applying the existing constitutive confinement models in practical design, is the determination of the confining stress. In the most common models, the confining effect is defined as an uniform external stress which actively confines the member.  In actual reinforced concrete members, the confining effect is, however, provided as a passive effect by the reinforcement.

The aim of the project is, thus, to relate the passive and active confinement to fully understand the confining effects the reinforcing arrangement has on the concrete member.

The first step will be to study the physical behaviour of the confining effect through a theoretical understanding on a micromechanical level. The knowledge of the behaviour on a micromechanical level will be compared to the already existing models, which describe the effect of external confining pressure.

The principal approach to the project will, thus, be based on analytical modelling. However, experimental studies will be essential in verifying any theoretical models and to conduct parametric studies on the topic.


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