Haitham El-taliawy


Haitham El-taliawy


I am an analytical chemist doing my PhD in Kai Bester´s group. My research interest has always been focused on chemicals in water. My PhD project is about the removal of organic micro-pollutants (OMP) from waste water by ozonation. Ozonation has been used for a long time in drinking water disinfection, but in waste water it is relatively new. It has been shown that ozonation can be a feasible and economic solution for the removal of OMP from waste water effluents. The process is already in use in full-scale at different places worldwide, but still more knowledge is needed for better understanding and more efficient processes. A problem combined with ozonation is the transformation products of the OMP. A polishing step is needed to solve this problem, and to do this, I am trying different biological treatments.

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