Casper Clausen

Ph.d.-studerende, Videnskabelig assistent

Casper Clausen


Project title: Research & development of optical components and technologies for simultaneous measurement of micro/nano particle size, concentration and velocities.

PhD student: Casper Clausen

Project period: 01/05-2012 to 30/09-2016

Main supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Anders Bentien

Research section: Biological and Chemical Engineering


Project description:

The ability to accurately measure velocities, concentration and size of nano- and micro-particles in liquid and gas flows is a cornerstone of many environmental, medical and industrial technologies.


The scope of the project is related to research and development of a low-cost optical sensor technology that simultaneously can measure micro/nano particle size, concentration and velocities. The overall goal is to investigate the feasibility of the optical technologies in relation to specific applications. The tasks in the PhD-project include to


  • develop integrated optical components in Aarhus University’s clean-room facilities
  • build lab-scale facilities for testing optical components
  • build functional models for test of specific applications
  • develop advanced signal processing techniques
  • use and integrate innovation models into the project in order to create specific goals with respect to applications and specification
  • increase knowledge on innovation and know-how within applications and techniques through co-operations with external partners (EU, USA).


ID: 45214631