Antje Reiss

Videnskabelig assistent, Ph.d.-studerende

Antje Reiss


Weed suppression by winter cereals: Relative contribution of competition for resources and allelopathy



Competition for light and space and allelopathy are well known plant traits influencing the weed suppressive potential of a crop. This project includes cultivars of winter wheat, winter triticale and winter rye currently on the Scandinavian market and is based on field experiments in order to reflect common cropping praxis. Measurements of competitive traits include early vigor, crop height and leaf area index. Measurements of allelopathy focuses on allelochemicals belonging to the group of benzoxazinoids (BX) which have been shown to be highly phytotoxic. Concentrations of BX are measured in rhizoshpere samples obtained from the field experiments in early spring and allelochemical fluxes are sampled throughout the season with silicone tube micro extraction. Quantification is done by HPLC-MS/MS analysis.

The final goal of the project is to identify the relative contribution of competition and allelopathy to the overall weed suppressive effect. This is valuable information to cereal breeders developing cultivars with enhanced weed suppressiveness which can be used in the context of integrated weed management.

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