Maja Marie Lotz


Maja Marie Lotz


Maja Marie Lotz is an Associate Professor at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. Her research seeks to understand how people learn, innovate and co-create across divergent work practices and areas of expertise in organizations. Rooted within the field of organizational sociology and learning, she investigates the day-to-day interactions and coordination practices that facilitate knowledge collaboration, learning and co-creation in organizational settings. Based on ethnographic methods, she is currently studying in what ways cross-functional collaborative work practices, organizational architectures and governance systems enable recursive learning dynamics and co-creative innovation. Her research provides insights into how organizations by way of new organizational structures and coordination patterns actualize micro-dynamics of learning and distributed innovation activities across diverse disciplines and contexts. 

Maja’s work has been published in Organization Studies, International Journal of Lifelong Education, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and by Oxford Press, among others. She has lead and participated in several research projects (national as well as international) focused on the effects of new organizational forms on the capability to learn, innovate and co-create.

Maja received a PhD in organizational sociology from Copenhagen Business School, has held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University (School of Education) and an Assistant Professorship at the Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School.



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