Michael Rosenlund Lodahl


Michael Rosenlund Lodahl


Michael Lodahl er civilingeniør med speciale i Bærende Konstruktioner og Geoteknik, og er ansat som geotekniker hos COWI i Aalborg. Michael er Erhvervs-PhD studerede med særligt fokus på Palæogent ler.

Ph.d. projekt: Influence of smectite content on the deformation behaviour of clays

Main supervisor: Kenny Kataoka Sørensen
Co-supervisor(s): Helle Trankjær (COWI A/S) and Niels Mortensen (nmGeo)
Project period: August 2014 – July 2017 

Project description
Understanding the high plasticity Palaeogene clay has been a challenge for the geotechnical community in Denmark for decades. The settlement and heave potential of this type of clay exceeds what is commonly expected for Danish clay deposits; typically the Palaeogene clays have high strengths, but have a rather large settlement and heave potential, i.e. they does not follow what is normal for most clays that strength and stiffness follow one another. Many relationships exist linking the plasticity index (a state parameter easy to assess) to the engineering properties for clays based on rules of thumb; however, they rarely fit with the behaviour of the Palaeogene clays.

Latest research has indicated that the clay mineral smectite may govern the behaviour of a clay, which is why the settlement and heave potential may be dependent on this content. The PhD-project investigates this theory by execution of multiple tests of clays containing smectite.


ID: 79099883