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Henning Madsen

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Henning Madsen
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Professor (retired)
MSc, University of Aarhus, 1976.
PhD, The Aarhus School of Business, 1990.

Research Areas
During his active career Henning Madsen's primary research activities were related to applications of quantitative techniques within organization and management in general and strategic planning in particular. Thus, he has carried out research in relation to: 

Environmental management 
Application of quantitative techniques for managerial purposes 
Technology management 
Factors influencing the entrepreneurial process in high-tech firms 

Academic Experience
During his active career Henning Madsen initiated, managed and carried out a number of research projects within his research areas. Furthermore, he served as a member of several research evaluation committees, as co-editor or referee for various international scientific journals, academic publishers and academic conferences. He has also been a member of scientific committees for a number of academic conferences, served as session chair and paper discussant and been involved in organizing sessions at international conferences or entire academic conferences.

Administrative Experience
Henning Madsen has been coordinator of bachelor’s as well as master programmes and has served in several boards and committees at the Aarhus School of Business including the School Senate, the Faculty Board and various Study Boards. He has been Head of Department and temporary Director for the Graduate Study Programme.

For quite some years he served as a member of the Committee of International Relations at the previous Faculty of Business Economics, Aarhus School of Business. During this period he was responsible for contacts to a number of foreign universities within the Erasmus programme as well as bilateral agreements and was in charge of a project within the Tempus programme involving a Hungarian and an Irish university.

Finally he has served as a member of ministerial committees.

Practical Experience
Henning Madsen has worked as a consultant for various public and private organizations in relation to his research activities. He has been a board member for the HVB foundations and is at present a board member of a private company.

Personal Facts
Henning Madsen graduated in 1976 from the University of Aarhus with an MSc in Mathematical Economics and in 1990 he received a PhD in Business Economics from the Aarhus School of Business.

Examples of research projects in which Henning Madsen has been involved are:

The Danish Environmental Management Survey: The DEMS project started in 1993 when it was realized that very little information was available on how Danish enterprises reacted to the environmental challenge. Since then five surveys have been carried out, the latest in 2011. The focus of the surveys has been to follow the development in corporate environmental management in Danish enterprises. As such they have provided information on the behaviour and attitude of Danish enterprises and their managers regarding their perception of the environmental challenge. Repeating the surveys at regular intervals made it possible to construct a barometer, which measured the actual situation as well as the changes since the last survey. Furthermore, the derived knowledge contributed to the theory of environmental management.

Think Management - Think Male: The tendency to associate being a manager with being male has been thought to underlie many gender inequalities in the workplace. However, research tends to focus on the content of people's beliefs about management and gender and fails to consider potential flexibility in stereotypes across context. This has led to a new version of the TMTM association in the form of Think Crisis - Think Female when appointing managers in times of poor performance. The project is carried out in collaboration with the University of Exeter. The project was carried out between 2007 and 2009.

Social networks and entrepreneurship: The purpose of the SNE project was to investigate the extent to which external or internal factors influence the degree of success in newly established firms within the knowledge-intensive sector. The role of social networks in the start and development of such firms as well as an understanding of how organizational and managerial competencies develop during the initial phases will be included in the research. The project was carried out between 1999 and 2004. 

The Danish Management Barometer: The increasing speed of changes makes it absolutely necessary for companies to increase their flexibility and innovative capacity if they want to survive. Such a situation puts larger demands on employees in general and managers in particular. The DMB project aims at establishing an understanding of the actual managerial situation in Denmark as well as the attitudes of the managers. Furthermore, it intends to follow the development by carrying out surveys on a regular basis. Henning Madsen was a co-founder of the project in 1998 but left it in 2006.

Training in Environmental Management: The TEM project with the subtitle Industry and Sustainability was carried out on behalf of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Working and Living Conditions, a Dublin based EU organization. The project was carried out in 1993-99 and focused on the gap between the requirements for present and future managers in their responses to the environmental challenge and the training in environmental issues provided for these managers by relevant educational institutions. 

European Management Science Survey: The EMSS project was carried out in 1988-1995. It focused on various aspects of the application of quantitative managerial techniques in European enterprises and involved collaboration with colleagues in Leeds and Athens. 

His teaching activities were primarily related to methodological courses focusing on application within the managerial and organizational area and supervision at the Bachelor's and the Master's as well as the PhD level including the production of relevant teaching materials. Furthermore, he has been involved in lecturing at the MBA level and has been a guest lecturer at various occasions.


For the moment being he is continuing supervision of a number of PhD students and is a member of the Committee for Protection of Scientific Copyrights which is affiliated with The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations.

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