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Helle Neergaard


Helle Neergaard
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Professor of Entrepreneurship, iCARE, Department of Business Administration
PhD in International Business (1999)
MSc (Econ), in International Business and Modern Languages, Aarhus School of Business (1994)

Academic Experience

  • Associate Professor, Department of Organization and Management, Aarhus School of Business, University of Aarhus, 2004-2011
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Organization and Management, Aarhus School of Business, 1999-2004
  • Lecturer, Department of International Business, Aarhus School of Business, 1998-1999
  • Doctoral Research Student, Department of International Business, Aarhus School of Business, 1995-1998
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Department of English, Aarhus School of Business, 1994-1995
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Department of International Business, Aarhus School of Business, 1994-1995

Research Areas and Interests

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Growth
  • Human and social capital
  • Self-efficacy
  • Effectuation
  • Identity and gender
  • Female business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Internationalization

Teaching Areas

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Research Publication

Other Professional Activities and Affiliations

  • President and Board Member of ECSB (European Council of Small Business) responsible for organizing the Doctorial Seminar at the RENT conferences
  • Member of the Academy of Management Entrepreneurship and GDO Divisions

Editorial advisory board member

  • Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice (WILEY)
  • International Small Business Journal (SAGE)
  • Journal of Small Business Management (ICSB)
  • International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship (Emerald)
  • The Irish Journal of Management (Blackhall Publishing)

Key note/ invited speaker

  • De Montford University Seminar of Qualitative Methods, 16 April 2008
  • ESU Conference, Tallin, 21-24 August 2010
  • 5th ASGE Conference, 6 February 2008
  • Advancia-Negocia Workshop on Gender, 21 March 2008


Academic Awards

Neergaard, H; Robinson, S; Jones, S (2014) Identity Transformation: Learning Entrepreneurship through Pedgogical . Best paper in track.

Neergaard, H; Tanggaard, L; Robinson, S; Krueger, N (2012) Pedagogical Interventions in Entrepreneurship: from Behaviouralist to Existential Learning. Dual best paper award: best paper in track and best Knowledge Exchange and Transfer paper.

Neergaard, H & Thrane, C (2009) The Nordic Welfare Model: Barrier or facilitator of women’s entrepreneurship in Denmark. Best paper awards at ISBE (sponsored by Emerald and WICED)

Neergaard, H. (2004) A CMS Growth Rocket takes off. 3rd prize in 2004 ECSB Case Competition

Neergaard, H. (1997) Competitive feature article on the occasion of the East Asian Company’s 100th year anniversary for the paper “How does Denmark create the best conditions for a new generation of international growth enterprises” (2nd prize)

Research Projects and Grants

2011-2012: Doctoral Course on Entrepreneurship Education (financed by Nordforsk)

2007: Researching the existence of the Think Manager-Think Male syndrome in the Danish private industry sector (financed by Danish Association of Managers and Executives)

2006: Evaluation of programme for promoting research cooperation between universities and SMEs (commissioned by the Strategic Research Council)

2005-2007: member of Steering Committee for the PROFILE project for promoting entrepreneurial activities among female academics (financed by the Equal Initiative: Dismantling the Gender Divided Labour Market)

2005: Mapping policy initiatives to support high-growth entrepreneurs (commissioned by HEEC Lausanne in connection with GEM)

2000-2004: Research project into Social networks and entrepreneurship (financed by grant from the Ministry of Trade and Industry)

Selected Publications

Blenker, P; Korsgaard, S; Neergaard, H; Thrane, C (2011) The questions we care about: Paradigms and progression in entrepreneurship education. Industry and Higher Education, 25:6, 1-11

 Neergaard, H; Krueger, N (2011) Still playing the game? International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing. Accepted, in press.

Neergaard, H; Thrane, C (2011) The Nordic Welfare Model: barrier or facilitator of women’s entrepreneurship in Denmark. International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship,3:2, 88-104

Fleck, E; Neergaard, H; Hegarty, C (2011) The gendered politics of growth. International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship. 3:2, 164-174

Müller, S; Neergaard, H; Ulhøi, JP (2011) Change Point Analysis and Assessment: An Extended Methodology. International Journal of Technology Management, 56:2/3/4, 208-

Pilegaard, M; Moroz, P; Neergaard, H (2010) An Auto-ethnographic Perspective on Academic Entrepreneurship: Implications for Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Academy of Management Perspectives. February: 46-61

Leitch, C; Hill, F; Neergaard (2010) Entrepreneurial and Business Growth and the Quest for a “Comprehensive Theory”: Tilting at Windmills? Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice: Special Issue on Growth. Guest Editorial. 249-260

Mauer, R; Neergaard, H; Kirketerp, AL (2009) Self-efficacy: Conditioning the Entrepreneurial Mindset. In Carsrud, A & Brännback, M (eds) Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mind: Opening the Black Box. New York: Springer Verlag. 233-257 (International Studies in Entrepreneurship)

Madsen, H; Neergaard, H and Ulhøi, JP (2008) Factors influencing the establishment of new knowledge-intensive ventures. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research 14(2) 70-84

Madsen, M; Neergaard, H and Ulhøi, JP (2008) The influence of roles and identity on female entrepreneurial agency. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. 5(3/4) 358-372

Smith, R. & Neergaard, H. (2008) Rewriting the American-Danish Dream: An Inquiry into Danish Enterprise Culture and Danish Attitudes Toward Entrepreneurship. The Bridge. 31(1) 41-64.

Neergaard, H and Ulhøi, JP (eds) (2007) Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Entrepreneurship, Edward Elgar

Smith, R; Neergaard, H (2007) Reading the Fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen and Horatio Alger Novels as Proto-Entrepreneurial Narrative. The Bridge 30(2)

Korsgaard, Steffen T. ; Neergaard, Helle. (2007) Mompreneurs mod strømmen - om balance mellem familieliv og arbejdsliv i iværksætteriTidsskrift for arbejdsliv. 9(1) 28-43

Neergaard, H and Ulhøi, JP (2006) Government agency and trust in the formation and transformation of inter-organizational entrepreneurial networks, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice: Special Issue on Trust 30(4) 519-540

Neergaard, H, Shaw, E, and Carter, S (2005) ”The impact of gender, social capital and networks on business ownership – a research agenda” International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research 11(5)

 Neergaard, H (2004) Networking activities in technology-based entrepreneurial teams. International Small Business Journal 23(3) 257-279 (4th most cited ISBJ article in the past 10 years) 

Neergaard, H and Madsen, H (2004) Knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship in a social capital perspective, Journal of Enterprising Culture, 12(2), 105-125.

Madsen, H, Neergaard, H and Ulhøi, JP (2003) Knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship and the role of human capital, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 10(4): 426-434.

Bøllingtoft, A, Ulhøi, JP, Madsen, H and Neergaard, H (2003) The effect of financial factors on the performance of new venture companies in high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries: an empirical study in Denmark. International Journal of Management 20(4): 535-547.


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