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Dorthe Staunæs

Ph.d.,professor, Professor

Dorthe Staunæs
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Dorthe Staunæs er professor i socialpsykologi med særligt fokus på ledelse og diversitet

Current research issues  

1) Feminist, affective-discursive-materiel metodologies, performativity  and affirmativ critique (critique beyond criticism)

2) Posthuman, new materialist and poststrukturalist conceptualizations  

3) Gender, race/racialization and intersectionality 

4) Subjectification and  'soft governance'  and the performative effects of motivational work/psy-management/leadership in education and through data 

5) Capacity-building in relation to norm-critical l(self)management and ethical sound datal- and diversityiteracy 

6) Affective pedagogy, eksperimentel leadership, learning labs,  walking labs.  


Current positions 

Member of the researchprogram Rearticulating the formation of Motivation 

Coordinator of the research unit Ethnicity, Diversity and Education 

Member of the COST-network on New Materialism.

Member of the Niels Klim Prize-komitee under the Holberg Prize

Member of the reviewpanel concerning Gender in the Finish research council

Member of the advisory board for the company Mangfold


Leadership experience

Head of the research program Organisation and Learning 2008-2016

Head of the masterprogram Educational Psychology  (2004-2007)

Head of the PHD School Organisational Learning (DOCSOL) (2010)

Board member of KVINFO (2007-2016)

Head of the board of KVINFO (2014-2016)

Regional editor International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (2007-2013)

Main supervisor for PhD-students:  

Thomas Binderup (2018-2021), Camilla Nørgaard (2017-2020), Dorethe Bjergkilde (2015-2018), Kia Wied 2013-2018)

Main supervisor for PhD-students (completed)

Rikke Brown (2013-2017)  Lonni Hall (2013-2017) Katja Brøgger (2010-2015), Helle Bjerg (2006-2010).  

Co-supervisor for PhD-students: Jannick Friis Christensen/CBS, Mante Verlyte/AAU, Lise Ulrik Andreassen/AU,

Co-supervisor for PhD-students (completed): Sabina Pulz/KU, Rasmus Præstmand Hansen/KU, Mads Bank/KU, Karen Ida Dannesboe/DPU, Mari Simola/Helsinki, Marie Bruvik Heinscou/KU, Katarina Machechova/Prag, Lotte Holck/CBS. 


  • 2004 the Kraka prize for gender research
  • 2002 the Edith og Valborg Larsens prize for excellent research
  • 1996 Silvermedal University of Copenhagen 

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