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Vain cheaters or victims of muscle dysmorphia?: On the current status of theories explaining the use of anabolic steroids in gym environments

Christiansen, A. V. (Foredragsholder)
28 aug. 2015

International Network of Humanistic Doping Research

Christiansen, A. V. (Arrangør)
27 aug. 201528 aug. 2015

Sport, drugs and health: does regulation protect and enhance the health of athletes?

Christiansen, A. V. (Deltager)
19 nov. 201520 nov. 2015

The Danish approach to doping in gyms and fitness centres. Drug use and the attempt to (understand and) control it in Denmark

Christiansen, A. V. (Foredragsholder)
19 nov. 2015

“Olympic Movement” Special subject: “Sport as a tool for sustainability and development”

Christiansen, A. V. (Taler)
10 jul. 201516 jul. 2015

Peron 3 - Ungekonference

Christiansen, A. V. (Taler)
6 maj 2015

Anti-doping Holbæk kommune

Christiansen, A. V. (Taler)
18 jun. 2015

Bigger muscles and more sex: An alternative interpretation of young men's use of anabolic steroids

Christiansen, A. V. (Oplægsholder)
29 jun. 2013

Living Legacy of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games

Christiansen, A. V. (Deltager)
24 jan. 201425 jan. 2014

Endokrinologisk Afdelings forskerenhed, videnskabeligt heldagsmøde

Christiansen, A. V. (Taler)
14 dec. 2012

Større muskler og mere sex! – Om (kampen mod) anabole steroider og mænds stræben efter den muskuløse krop: – Om (kampen mod) anabole steroider og mænds stræben efter den muskuløse krop

Christiansen, A. V. (Foredragsholder)
29 jan. 2013

“Sport, doping and ethics”

Christiansen, A. V. (Taler)
14 mar. 2013

International Association for the Philosophy of Sport Conference

Christiansen, A. V. (Taler)
7 sep. 2013

What do we (really) know about doping?

Christiansen, A. V. (Taler)
15 aug. 2013

What do we (really) know about doping?

Christiansen, A. V. (Arrangør)
15 aug. 201316 aug. 2013