Malene Kallestrup-Lamb


Malene Kallestrup-Lamb


Assistant Professor
Member of section: Accounting and Finance
Research Secretaries: Solveig Nygaard Sørensen and Bodil Krog

Education: Cand.oecon. (MSc in Econ.), PhD, 2011
Position: Postdoc 2011

Malene Kallestrup-Lamb is a Assistant Professor and Research Fellow at CREATES. She is Honorary Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School, London. She received her PhD in Economics and Management from Aarhus University in January 2011 after spending part of the research period at London School of Economics.She is an active researcher in the fields of time series econometrics and microeconometrics, with particular emphasis on mortality, longevity, economics of ageing, and health economics.

Malene is coordinator of Finance and International Business in the cand.merc.-programme. She shares the task as course coordinator with Thomas Kokholm within finance for oecon/math-econ, where Malene's main focus is on oecon.

Teaching Interests

  • Empirical Economics

Research Interests

  • Applied Micro Econometrics
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Health
  • Pension
  • Retirement
  • Longevity risk
  • Mortality Forecasting.

ID: 7795800