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Laura Agneessens


Laura Agneessens
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Project: Energy Storage via Biomethanisation of Hydrogen: Unravelling the Biochemical Kinetics

Main supervisor: Assoc. prof. Lars Ditlev Mørck Ottosen

Co-supervisor: Michael Vedel Wegener Kofoed, DTI                    

Project period: Nov 2015 – Nov 2018


Project description
Renewable energy sources, e.g. wind and solar, provide sustainable and necessary alternatives for fossil fuels. However, fluctuations in renewable power production and a lack of adequate storage possibilities are key limitations. Technologies for buffering renewable power production are hence indispensable for a fossil free economy. 

Superfluous electrical energy may be converted to H2 gas and added to anaerobic digesters, where it is readily used by hydrogenotrophic methanogens and allows an increased production of CH4, an easy to store energy carrier.

The goals of the PhD are to 

1)    evaluate the microbial response to H2 addition to the anaerobic digester, assessing potential microbial community changes and response time

2)    determine the effect of different H2 addition regimes on carbon substrate turnover and C mass balances.

Trials will be carried out in lab and full scale reactors to thoroughly gauge the implementation potential of H2 addition to anaerobic digesters to obtain biogas upgrading and energy storage.

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