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Anja Bechmann
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Visiting Associate Professor at UCI Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences in 2017.



About Anja

Anja Bechmann's current research examines digital social behavioral patterns and activities using API data collection and machine learning methods. Bechmanns main research areas are digital sociology, personal information data flows in social media, critical algorithmic and machine learning studies, social cohesion and digital news studies.  Bechmann is both a board member of the Danish Council for IT Security and appointed member of ATVs digital Sages. She acts as a supervisor for MA and PhD theses within the areas of internet and mobile research (user and industry studies) with a focus on qualitative and quantitative data driven methods. Photo: Greg McQueen

Editorial Boards: Digital Journalism, Nordicom Review

Journal reviewing: 
Social Media & Society, International Journal of Communication, First MondayJournal of Information, Communication and Society, Mediekultur – Journal of media and communication research, Nordicom Review, Journal of Web Science, New Media & Society, Palgrave MacMillan (book series)

Science foundation reviews: Bergen Research Foundation (starting grant)

Scholarships and grants: Jens Christian Skou Fellowship, Danish Agency for Science and Innovation (BrandBase & EUOpstart), Danish Council for Independent Research, Rethink Impact, Digital Humanities Lab (AU), AU Ideas (AUFF), Danish E-infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC), Starting Grant - Associate Professors (AUFF), Horizon 2020 (ICT-NGI)

Supervisor for: 

Rune Kildahl Overgaard, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU2017): ‘Privacy and Programmatic Outdoor’; Kasper Hansen, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU2017): ‘The Effect of Banner Advertisements’; Emil Holmboe Andersen, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU2017): ‘Addressable TV’; Gitte Evendorff Andersen, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU 2017): 'Creating motherhood on Instagram’; Anna Nørager Deigaard, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU 2016): 'Snapchat and branding'; Stine Marie Elbek Møller, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU 2016): 'Mobile swipe payment'; Anne Hove Henriksen, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU 2016): 'Pokemon Go'; Christian Vasby, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU 2016): 'Indipendent postcasters and income model'; Louise Levy, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU 2016): 'Data and Privacy'; Matteo Retino, MA Thesis in Information Studies/Digital Living (AU 2016): 'Being a sports fan on Instagram: How the brand of NBA teams and players models fan interactions on Instagram'; Louise Leth Jørgensen, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU 2016): 'Idealists or realists? A media systematic study of the potentials and challenges for the start-up media Zetland and Point of View International'; Maria Kjær Nørgaard, MA Thesis in Media Studies (AU 2016): 'Adblock: This is why they block ads'; Natasha Alexia Yuen, MA Thesis in Informations Studies/Digital Living (AU 2016): ‘Mobile marketing’; Peter Caspersen, MA Thesis in media studies (AU 2015): ‘Up in the sky: a user study of iCloud’; Ida Staun Christensen, MA thesis in Digital Design (AU 2015): ‘The political arena on Facebook’, Simone Faurbye Thostrup, MA Thesis in media studies (AU 2015):’The dialogue between company and consumer: a study of the written dialogue between company and consumer on Facebook’; Line Kjølhede, MA Thesis in media studies (AU 2015):’With her as a relation I can play my cards right: an investigation of the strategic play of the professional self-presentation on LinkedIn and how the nearest network influences here on’; Simon Falkenberg Andersen, MA Thesis in media studies (AU 2015): ‘Brand Equity on Facebook: an investigation of brand equity on Facebook and the consumer’s behavior and motives for interaction; Mia Ladefoged, MA Thesis in media studies (AU 2014): ‘The social festival: when the experience becomes virtual‘; Simon Hasager; MA Thesis in media studies (AU 2014): ‘Personalized advertisement: the branding effect of personalized ads on Facebook and the importance of the digital media usage patterns of the users’; Lise Dilling-Hansen, PhD student in Scandinavian Studies (AU 2014 co-supervision) project on Lady Gaga and online communities; Michelle Bach, MA Thesis in media studies (AU 2013): ‘How smart is Aarhus? An analysis of the creation of Aarhus as a Smart City’; Morten Bonde Pedersen, MA thesis in Information Studies (AU 2012): ‘The organization of apps: An investigation of user’s customization of the iPhone screen; Daniel Ord Rasmussen, MA thesis in media studies (AU 2010): ‘Social platforms in the tourism industry: Challenges for the world’s largest business’; Kathrine Nehen-Hansen, MA thesis in media studies (AU 2010): ‘When mass media go mobile’; Mark Dissing Bækgaard, MA thesis in media studies (AU 2010): ‘Sunset Boulevard’s blue book: a study of Sunset Boulevard’s humanization on Facebook’; Thor Hampus Bank, MA thesis in media studies (AU 2010): ‘iPad as news platform’; Maria Isabel Villa Montoya (Unversitat Autónoma de Barcelona 2009 co-supervision) PhD project on cross-media in Spanish broadcasting corporations. Total: MA theses 26, co-supervision PhD: 2

Main supervisor for PhD Fellow Amanda Karlsson with project titled “Tracking the female body: The impact of self-tracking with a smartphone (2016-2019). Main Supervisor for Jiyoung Kim PhD Fellow with project “AI in Digital Sociology” funded by AUFF Associate Professor grant (2017-2020).

PhD Committees: Sanna Malinen (Sociability and Sense of Community among the Users of Online Services), University of Tampere; Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk (The art of balance: Audience participation and the approximation to editorial control), University of Oslo; Janne Nielsen (Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s teaching across media: A historical investigation of media interplay), Aarhus University (Chair of the committee).

Assoc. Professorship Committees: Aalborg University (2014), IT University (2016)

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