Value and Education

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Gritt B. Nielsen - Taler

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Seminar on 'Value and Education':
The aim of this workshop is to explore the concept of value in the context of education and learning. In particular, we are interested in how – in formal and informal educational settings – social and moral values interact with economic and other calculable types of value. Contemporary developments – including neo-liberal politics of austerity, growing emphasis on efficiency and relevance of formal education, and the rise of alternative forms of living and organizing – make it timely to discuss how micro- and macro-political processes of valuing and valuation shape and are shaped by forms of education and learning. We therefore invite presentations that address the notion of value – theoretically, methodologically, analytically – and the relation between the economic/calculable and other-than-economic in settings characterized by formal or informal education or learning.

The workshop will consist of individual presentations and explorative discussion sessions.
26 mar. 2018


SeminarValue and Education
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