The cultural dimension of Human-robotic interaction

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Jean-Paul Peronard - Foredragsholder

Recent technological developments create rich opportunities to introduce robots to both the public and private sector markets. The premise of this talk is that humans are not passive recipients of robotics; in fact, they have expectations that arguably have implications for the way robotics should be designed and introduced to the market. To better understand some of those expectations, this talk provides an overview of the impact of culture on our perception and adoption of robotics. First, taking my research on robotics as a point of departure, I will examine the cultural challenges of the robot technology adoption process using two different cultural contexts. Second, I will present the results from a comparative analysis between workers in health care with high and low degrees of readiness for robotics. Third, I will take the opportunity to discuss some of my current research in which I examine the valorisation of service robots and develop a framework for understanding the drivers of robotics. The talk of the cultural dimension of human-robotics interaction is intended to help developers and designers become more aware of the effect culture has on people’s perception and, consequently, adoption of robotics.
24 feb. 2017

Ekstern organisation

NavnMærsk Instituttet, Syddansk Universitet


  • Robotter, Kultur, Health Care

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