Creative capitalism and the technologies of co-operation

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During the last couple of decades a recurrent theme among trend setters in management literature, economic theory, media theory and the social sciences has been the positive (re-)emergence of the notion on human creativity. According to the proponents of this “creativity discourse,” this resent rise of creativity in especially the productive domain (work) has profound social, cultural, economic and political effects, propelling us beyond the anomalies of late-modern, industrial capitalism. This discourse is quite rich on ambiguities – especially concerning the cause and effects of this tendency. The main argument of this paper is that this idea of some intimate relationship between these new, digital technologies and the flourishing of (individual/collective) creativity cannot solely be interpreted as the effect of new technologies. Nor is it, however, reducible to pure ideological fabrication or discursive recuperation. On the contrary, this longing for creativity’s democratization has been a historical project. And furthermore: this historical longing for a room for the exercise of creativity has, in fact, through numerous paths contributed immensely to the shaping and construction of these media/technologies of creative cooperation, as well as to the way they are adopted and being put to use.
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TitelDesigning and Transforming Capitalism
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  • new media, creativity, collaboration, capitalism

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