L2 write assistants and context-aware dictionaries: New challenges to lexicography

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Sven Tarp - Foredragsholder

Write Assistant is a newly developed tool aimed at assisting people writing in a second language. It feeds on big data taken in from corpora and digital dictionaries. The paper discusses the philosophy behind the tool, the techniques applied, its empirical basis and functionality, as well as the extent to which it helps its users. It shows how the tool makes it possible to shorten and even skip some phases in the traditional information-search process and allows its user to maintain the focus on the message to be written without the need to consult external information resources. The paper shows how the underpinning technology gives birth to a new type of dictionary that is context-aware and provides a more personalised user service.
21 jun. 2017

Begivenhed (Workshop)

TitelStellenLex 2017
AfholdelsesstedUniversity of Stellenbosch
Grad af anerkendelseInternational begivenhed

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